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I'm not a "competitive station" in WAE CW, but I like the QTC component because, like SS, it rewards those who are proficient in copying information.  Unlike the "you got the call, you got it all" computer pre-filled rate fests, QTC encourages skills beyond point-and-click.

__73, de Hans, K0HB

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> All,
> I haven't read all the emails in this thread (this is a co-moderated  
> enterprise!), so apologies for any repetition.
> Those who know me well already know how I feel about QTCs. FWIW, here are  
> my feelings:
> 1) I get the unique aspect of QTCs in the WAE. There is no other concept  
> like it in other contests that I know about, so kudos to the contest's  
> long-standing creativity in this regard.
> 2) Ken's point on their adding fun, especially during poor propagation,  
> makes sense to me if you're full-time. If you're not and just interested in  
> hitting F1 and running guys, the perspective on QTCs rapidly changes -- at 
> least  for me.
> 3) This year, I was getting QTC requests in the first hour of the contest.  
> All while having a pile of guys calling me. This is not fun -- it is, 
> frankly, a  pain in the butt and slows everything down, especially when you are 
> not a  full-time op and just interested in working the boys.
> 4) I don't like a rule that is driven by guilt; the guilt of not helping  
> out your EU friends who benefit from receiving QTCs. So, as most do, I 
> succumb  and painfully send all I have in the spirit of being a good trooper.  
> From my, perhaps selfish point of view, the only thing the contest is  doing 
> for me at this point is running my amp harder and heating up the shack.  And, 
> we all know that feeling of sending a QTC block and getting "AGN?" on the  
> very first one. ARGH!
> So, no judgment here. I applaud those who operate in the WAE and take  it 
> seriously -- QTCs included. Maybe there could be a 4 (?) hour rule added that 
>  disallows QTC traffic in the beginning of the contest? Or, maybe it's just 
> fine  the way it is. No matter how you look at it, the WAE has been around 
> forever, so  the organizers have that and the contest's popularity to be 
> proud of for  sure.
> 73, John, K1AR
> In a message dated 8/13/2015 8:58:48 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
> kenke3x at gmail.com writes:
> QTC's  add a very interesting element to contesting, and makes WAE much 
> more fun than  most other events, especially in poor  propagation.
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