[CQ-Contest] WAE QTC tactics

Gediminas Lučinskas LY3BA at takas.lt
Sat Aug 15 15:30:16 EDT 2015

Definitely, He meant  Multi single Eu competition either 1979 where first
three positions were taken by Lithuanians
or 1978 whre firs two call signs in most were lithuanian

73! Gedas LY9A

p.s. by the way, I would not join this contest myself in case WAE DC would
not worth 1000 points towards WRTC  2018 seat.
Although I did participate In WAEDC either CW or Phone  almost 50 times and
have 9 victories on my belt, I hate those Click and pounce Contest.

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Which years happened that?
Can´t find those top 10 winners with their single 80m antenna in the result


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Look to history results of WAE.
To win SOp You must win Lithuania first!

I know guys which were in Top Ten with only one (1) antenna- 80m dipole!

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