[CQ-Contest] WAE QTC tactics

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We all know that the number of qtc is more important then the number of

But as I see in the pdf you were not active on 80m only as expected.
And the 80m multiplier points are just a third of the total.

I would not name that only 80m dipole when you worked all bands.

A dipole fed by open wire is a multi band antenna.
When high in the sky it will beat yagis at moderate heights for sure.

Who were the other guys you mentioned using only a 80m antenna?


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I had only one (1) antenna - 80m Dipole


Sam LY5W ex LY1DR

QTC is main in WAEDC, not QSO

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	Which years happened that?
	Can´t find those top 10 winners with their single 80m antenna in the
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	Look to history results of WAE.
	To win SOp You must win Lithuania first!
	I know guys which were in Top Ten with only one (1) antenna- 80m
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