[CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 2 08:55:14 EST 2015

What a fantastic demonstration by N6MJ and also by CT1BOH!


Both demonstrated a crazy skill.  Both were in "Mult status" countries.
Although Dan didn't really comment on the mult strategy.  Applying these
lessons to a less "I am the only one if you want the mult" environment is
interesting and worth contemplating.


One thing that strikes me.  WRTC will never allow this type of game changing
operation to be demonstrated in its current form.  Even though the last 2
WRTCs with promotion and awards showed that for the WRTC participants in the
IARU, this quickly becomes a "rate contest".  Why not allow single operators
to truly demonstrate how good they are with this skill?  At this point, Jose
and Dan would have to forgo their teammates and compete solo to do it.  Why?
Time for a change?


Ed  N1UR

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