[CQ-Contest] Fwd: 20th Stew Perry TopBand DX Challange

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Thu Dec 3 01:04:54 EST 2015

Greetings to the Ditters and Dawters of the 160M Realm,
      The evil snow, ice, winds and politicians are all afoot now... but
the bright spot is
coming your way 1500Z Dec. 26 to 1500Z Dec. 27 in the form of the 20th
of The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge sponsored by The Boring Amateur
Radio Club.
This is the fairest contest in our known galaxy. It is a Morse Code (CW)
contest where
the exchange is your call-sign and your grid-square. Through magic, the
astute log
checkers of our massive club are able to determine how far away your
contact was
with another station. The idea is that far away contacts are worth more
than close in
contacts. Also, you get extra points for working low power and QRP stations
which delights
the lesser powered stations and rewards you for sticking with that -27dB
signal in the mush
until you can discern the call and grid-square.  You should really browse
on over to:
 www.kkn.net/stew/       and read the rules and see the other cool stuff
      The following Giants of Contesting are sponsoring plaques for The
Stew. These Luminaries
have offered up a category to spur on the radio combatants and have sent in
the $60
($63-PayPal) to spice up the competition.  Please give positive
affirmations to these
radio competition Stalwarts when you see them...or at least buy them a
     Yes, We are aware that KL7RA is SK.  He was The Boring Amateur Radio
Chairman of the Contest Food and Drink Committee among other duties.
     We miss him greatly.

KL7RA                            Top # of QSOs
North Pole Contest Group  To be decided
K7FL/5H2DA                    Top Score 100% Search & Pounce
KR2Q                              Golden Log Award
N0TT                                Top Score < 21y/o, >200 QSOs
K7CA                               Top Score China
TF3KX                              Aurora Borealis Award- Top Score North
of 60 deg N
                                        geomagnetic Latitude
Dr. Beldar-L1AR                Top Score,S/O, Temp Antenna erected after
UX1UA                              Top # NA + SA QSOs by Zone 16 Station
UX1UA                              USA Station with Top #  QSOs with Zone 16
K6ND                                K6ND Memorial- Top Score, S/O, World
K1EP                                Top LP score between 30deg N and 40deg
N latitude
                                        (Any station located in  xM##  grid
KH6LC                              VK-ZL Challenge- Top Score,S/O, VL/ZL
N6TQ/A25TQ                     California Dreaming- Top # of QSOs with
                                         stations by a non-California
W2GD Team                      Top # QSOs with NA/SA, by a EU station
W7RH                                Top Score, Low Power, Asia
K7CA                                 Top Score from Zone 24, 27 or 28
K7CA                                 Top Score from either Zone 19 or 25
VK6VZ- Flying Doctors        Top Score- N. Hemisphere station working
of VK Baseball hat               S. Hemisphere stations

To see if you have remembered to pay for your plaque go to:

     You also may join this stellar group by proffering a suitable category
you would like to see emphasized and then sending along the funds.
     We have been petitioned to have a Stew Perry SSB contest.
After vigorous and protracted discussions among our various committees
we strongly feel that the language of 160M is CW.  There will be no SSB
version sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio Club unless we are
bought out by Amazon, Google, Facebook or Yahoo. And maybe not
even then.
      Please get on the 160M airwaves this weekend as the ARRL has
nicely scheduled a great Stew warm-up called strangely enough
The ARRL 160M Contest- CW.
     The winning plaques for the 2014 Stew Perry will be sent to the winners
very soon as the little old plaque-maker has been working on them
    See you in The Stew!
    73 and I remain,
    Lew      w7ew
   w7ew at arrl.net

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