[CQ-Contest] V47T dual pileup audio

Andy Blank andyn2nt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 13:54:21 EST 2015

Some guys were asking about audio from dual pileups, and I was able to
upload an example from my operation in CQWW along with the log segment.

Here are the links to the 20 min snippet, of 103 qsos which is over 300/hr
Not as fast as ZF2MJ but good for me :)
The method was the same, 2 computers. Audio was left and right, no attempt
to isolate.
For some reason the channels seem to be combined on the recording, but real
time they were separated left and right by radio. The recording was made
using WinTest built in recorder.

Audio here:


Log excerpt here:


73, Andy N2NT/V47T

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