[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 7 12:59:51 EST 2015

K1TN wrote "I think if someone can category hop up, whether it be M2 to MM
or LP to HP, and win the category for the entire world, then there must be
something wrong with the definitions of the categories."


Not necessarily Jim.  I think that many groups think that MM top places are
unobtainable if you do not have the station and the crew following of a
K3LR, W3LPL, CN2R etc.  And therefore look to see if M2 might be a place to
be more competitive.  However, if enough people do that, and either one of
the usual suspects doesn't show up or the conditions are strange, they may
realize that MM just became less competitive than M2.


I personally have no issue with someone submitting for any category they fit
the rules for.  Whether they use all of the capability or not.  Are we to
say that a SO1R can't win SOAB just because they could have used SO2R and
didn't?  What's the difference?


Ed  N1UR


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