[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

Oliver Dröse droese at necg.de
Mon Dec 7 18:12:36 EST 2015

Jeff & all,

can somebody help me, please? Seems I just don't get it ...

How do you know how they operated? Have you been there? Did you ask 
them? How do you know if their 3830 report has not been wrong (i.e. they 
accidentally chose M/2 as reporting category instead of M/M because they 
did so for the last 8 years or so)? What does a packet spot analysis 
tell you? Yes, maybe they were only running on 2 bands in parallel. Do 
you know if they didn't do mult chasing on the other bands at the same 
time? How do you know if they did not have any technical problems and/or 
transmitted on 3 or more bands at the same time (interlock problems 
during mult chasing, etc.)? Wouldn't you expect them to change to M/M 
then (if they ever started as M/2 before) to still comply with the rules 
and not risk a DQ? Wouldn't that be a perfect example of playing 
integer? Questions upon questions ...

Besides the M/M rules state: "The six contest bands *may* be activated 
simultanously." Re-read it. It does not say "must be activated". If you 
use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 stations is certainly up to you, available 
equipment, available OPs, a.s.o.

Certainly a few things to think about before starting bad calls at guys 
who seem to have played perfectly by the rules. And please don't compare 
that to UT5UGR last year. He did not play by the rules. That's why he 
got DQ'd, easy as that. Not the case here!

Don't get me wrong. I do not argue because I might be biased as a German 
(I do not even know most of the OPs at CR3L) but because of missing 
fairness in the current discussion. You expect guys to play by the 
rules. They did (as far as we know). So what's wrong here? Why are you 
asking them for self-defence? All perfectly legal ...

73, Olli - DH8BQA

Contest, DX & radio projects: http://www.dh8bqa.de

Am 07.12.2015 um 20:08 schrieb Jeff Clarke:
> If you do a spot check on CR3L on the DX Summit you will see they were never spotted on more than two bands at a time during the whole contest weekend. If they were really Mult-Multi wouldn't you think they would've been spotted more? Plus they had only 7 operators, which is about what they've had in past years when running M2X.
> Now category switching isn't illegal in the rules but don't you think that integrity is on everyone's mind after what happened last year? Maybe it should be added to the rules just like having a bad or wide signal is.
> Bad call CR3L team . Maybe you should provide an explanation like the one we were all waiting for from UT5UGR last year. Maybe you had a good reason for doing this?
> Jeff
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