[CQ-Contest] Category Hopping: a mean thing

Martin , LU5DX lu5dx at lucg.com.ar
Mon Dec 7 21:49:30 EST 2015

Hi guys,
Category hopping I. The context of what CR3L did is very wrong to say the

John may have started low Power, then he  got bored and switched to HP.
That is totally perfect.

Rules for MM may no force you to transmit on al Six bands at the same time
to enter MM.

In fact, a Team could enter with two or three transmitters in MM, and that
is fine too, if they actually do it during the Contest.

To me, what is totally wrong is to possitively enter in one category,
sticking to the rules that define it, and then after the contest, claim a
different one, just because you realize someone did better than you, and
you can be in the top spot of a category you did not compete at all in
during the contest.

So to me bottom line is: if during the Contest you change your category,
because something you did places you in a diferent one, that's perfectly
fine. Now if you do it post Contest, just to get a better place in the
rankings, that's a really bad thing.

Contesting is about "competition" even in the very especial way we compete.
Lots of uncontrollable factors, geogrhapic advantages and disvantages, etc.

But we also must do it with all due respect to our fellow competitors.
Wihout that, we are just a herd of wackos trying to "win" something doing
whatever it takes.

Martín, LU5DX

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