[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Mon Dec 7 23:28:24 EST 2015


Doesn't it seem odd to you that a team that has won M2X for many years, all of a sudden on the day the logs are due secretly says nothing and submits their log as MM. No one even knew until Martin, LU5DX , noticed this and posted his message. Plus, on that same day D4C posts a score on 3830 that is way ahead of all the competitors in M2X. These facts plus the spotting evidence so far on the DX Summit point to them category hopping.

Like many have said you aren't required to post on 3830 and can move up a category if you choose because of the way the rules are written. But what they did is considered unethical by many in the contest community. If you want to keep secret what you do you should n't post to 3830 in the first place.

This question can be answered easily if someone from the CR3L team responds to these accusations on the reflector. Keeping quite doesn't help the perception that many of us have. The fact is if there where any issues brought up about our operation at PJ4A I would be on here right away explaining myself. Note them changing back to M2X doesn't benefit our team because we would fall out of the top 5 of the claimed scores.

I'm sure they monitor this reflector because many on their team are well known contesters. One is actually a director for WRTC.


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