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There we are. Another witch hunt launched and people calling someone cheater
or unethical for no reason whatsoever.

There is absolutely nothing unethical about doing a contest and then
deciding based on the actual result and competition which category to submit
the result to as long as the rules are followed.

That is fully expected from a normal and rational participant given the
motivation is to make new records and/or gain high places. Absolutely
nowhere is it required to decide category before the end of the contest and
absolutely nowhere is it required to use ALL the means allowed in the rules
to maximize the score (maximum number of ops, transmitters, assistance,

ZD8W guys were running MM with 3 ops and 3 rigs! How unethical is that!?
Could someone please DQ this bunch of crooks!? Maybe they decided their
category after the contest and now made new ZD8 MM record?? Horrible!

CR3L seeing that they are competitive in MM having severely limited
themselves during the contest should by all means submit as MM and should be
praised for doing so well. Requiring anyone to submit to a category that
gives worse ranking position or gives up a chance to make a new record is
simply silly and against the very basic logic of the contest.

And yes, submitted categories are public. If someone is paranoid and fears
another competitor entering his category he is free to submit to 3830 after
deadline and send in his log at the last moment. No one is in worse position
than anyone else.

Everybody in this contest competes potentially with EVERYONE who follows the
rules of his category. Period.

Can we move on now?


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