[CQ-Contest] Change categories(the true effect)

Felipe J. Hernández np4zet at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 12:10:40 EST 2015


We can try to find the rationale and the legality or perhaps the morality
behind this action and
I believe that the truth behind the story is that the action is not
accepted by all, so where does that
leaves the CR3L and PJ2 groups?
It leaves one without a plaque, thats it.. the flavor of the MM win by CR3
Im sure is a little sour due to 'the reaction
of the "public" but Im also sure that the PJ2 guys don't feel less of true
winners of the category.

If anything, it really validates their effort, and thinking they didn't
make a winning score because some M2 beat them
across the atlantic is poor thinking. Lately the MS are beating multi
transmitter categories just because of the setup
and Im sure we all understand that.
It takes a lot of effort to get all these guys down there and keep a
station like that
in working condition in a permanent way, so their effort is recognized.

For me radio is not about who won the plaque, is about having fun and
winning fairly, who cares who took the plaque home,
is the satisfaction and validation  behind it that counts. Seems like PJ2
got more recognition by this thread and CR3 has
some thinking to do regarding if it was really worth it, if in fact it was
done as a deliberate act.

It looks like an exercise for  all parts to put in perspective the whole
competition aspect of the hobby, not a witch hunt
or a reason to change the rules.

 Gracias y 73's


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