[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

Maarten van Rossum pd2r.maarten at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 12:21:22 EST 2015

I fully agree Ron. People here are talking about the CR3L team making an
unethical decision by switching categories. They are playing judge, jury
and executioner by condemning CR3L's actions without knowing the whole
story. Talking about "unethical"...

Furthermore, the M/S and M/2 categories were intended for the smaller
stations. Sometime years ago ops decided to ad more multiplier station to
gain the advantage. Why wasn't that considered "unethical"?

To me it's simple. In competition people try to find loopholes in the rules
to gain the upper hand. This happens in every sport/competation and
contesting is no different. This is exactly what causes us to push the
envelope. If I'm not mistaking, that is exactly what this hobby is all

Personally I think CR3L did something clever and kudos to them for winning
M/M with a M/2 set-up (if that is in fact what they did).

If I was a member of they CR3L team I would in now way feel obligatory to
respond to accusations made on this reflector (even going as far
as comparing them with a known cheater).

73, Maarten PD2R

Op dinsdag 8 december 2015 heeft Ron Notarius W3WN <wn3vaw at verizon.net> het
volgende geschreven:

> I have no skin in this game, but if I may, a simple question, with two
> related follow-up questions...
> Did anyone ask the CR3L operators directly why they changed their entry
> category from M2 to MM?
> If so, what answer (if any) was given?
> And if so, was this done before or after these allegations started on this
> reflector?
> There's been a lot of allegations and accusations, to say nothing of
> jumping to conclussions on what appears to be minimal evidence... but I
> don't yet recall seeing anything directly or indirectly from the operating
> team or others who were part of the effort.
> Just asking.
> 73, ron w3wn
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73, Maarten PD2R

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