[CQ-Contest] Category Hopping

Bill Conwell bill at conwellpdx.com
Tue Dec 8 13:26:09 EST 2015

I confess.

In a WRTC-qualifying contest in the previous cycle, I operated low power,
but - after getting a sense of things from 3830 - submitted my score as
high power in order to have a chance at the full allotment of WRTC points
(as compared with the 90% then-available to low power entrants).

(The applicable rule stated "No limitation is applied to High Power
stations other than legal limit in each country or territory.")


Written rules establish the objective standards by which competitors are
judged; moral rules establish the subjective standards by which we judge
ourselves.  That there is diversity in the latter is not shocking.  And
none of us could live up to the cacophony of different moral rules offered
by the contesting crowed.  (In that regard, I confess my further guilt in
using SCP while entering "unassisted" - an action I know some find

I'll throw no stones.

/Bill, K2PO

Portland, OR

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