[CQ-Contest] CR3L Should Reconsider Submission Catagory

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Tue Dec 8 13:52:33 EST 2015

They didn't cheat to see other scores.  Those other scores were freely 
posted and public information.

You still haven't explained precisely what is unethical about any of 
this.   Specifically, why is it "very bad".   It's not unethical just 
because somebody got caught off guard by it.

*waits for your explanation*

Dave   AB7E

On 12/8/2015 3:17 AM, Jorge Diez CX6VM wrote:
> GM!
> They thing is that they choose a category BECAUSE they saw other scores
> If 3830 doesn't exist, what do you think, they will be M2 or MM?
> If all have a PROPORTIONAL, if all is "normal", MM will do more points than M2 and M2 more points than MS, so if you did MS you will not send as M2 or MM, only if you see others scores and accommodate you category to win
> And if this is Ok, well, we are very bad
> 73,
> Jorge

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