[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Tue Dec 8 14:32:07 EST 2015

That's just silly.  And I mean really, really silly.

Dave  AB7E

On 12/8/2015 5:43 AM, Barry wrote:
> Either continue the category you started and hope for better condx 
> next year,  or be a checklog for the year.  It's like buying an "all 
> sales are final item."   No returns!
> Barry W2UP
> On 12/7/2015 21:36, David Gilbert wrote:
>> So if I declare for LP and conditions suck so bad during the contest 
>> that I decide to turn on the linear and go for HP I should be 
>> disqualified?  How is that any different than bumping up from M/2 to 
>> M/M?
>> Dave   AB7E
>> On 12/7/2015 7:11 PM, Barry wrote:
>>> Based on existing rules, they do qualify for either category. 
>>> However, it is a sleazy thing to do. Other sports are irrelevant to 
>>> this situation.
>>> Only thing that can be done is change the rules for future events, 
>>> such as requiring declaring a category up front.
>>> Barry W2UP

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