[CQ-Contest] Is working the QSO B4 good on long term for us ?

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 14:20:49 EST 2015

K0SR writes:
> What is it about the ARRL 160 that brings out the dupes? My personal
> experience is that the number of dupes is much, much worse than any
> other contest. Several years ago I had a guy in 2 land call me SEVEN
> different times over the course of the contest. Ya got me....

I agree completely. Between ARRL 160, CQ 160's, and Stew Perry runnings,
lots of dupes. I had one guy last weekend, 5 times in the log.

It's a one-band-only contest so it's not like the guy will shift bands
during the contest, that drives up dupes.

But more importantly, there's a wider range of logging technologies in use.
In general most of the 160M CW contesters are more technically savvy than
your average ham contesters and will use contesting software that
identifies dupes. But there are others that are purely pencil-and-paper and
they evidently did not have a copy of "Op Aid 6" (dupe sheet) on hand. Used
to be you could send a SASE to HQ and get back Op Aid 6, I suspect no
avaialbe anymore.


Tim N3QE

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