[CQ-Contest] Suggestion to solve category hopping

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Tue Dec 8 16:00:50 EST 2015

Why not a change the M/S and M2X categories and the logging programs that support them?

Multi-Single - One run station and one multiplier station only. Same QSY rule for multiplier station that exists now - 8 band changes per hour. Also allow only 8 band changes per hour for the run station so you can't interleave QSO's on different bands. Only one radio allowed on run band. Limit of 5 operators in this category.

Mult-2 - Only 2 run stations allowed . No additional radios on the run bands. Same QSY rule that exists now 8 per station / per hour. One additional transmitter allowed to work multipliers only. 8 band QSY's per hour allowed. Limit of 8 operators in this category.

Logging Programs:

Change logging programs to limit the number of computers you can network based on your category.

Multi-Single - RUN and MULT

Mult-2 - RUN1 , RUN2 and MULT

Put logic in program that once you enter 10 QSO'S in log it will not let you edit your category. Allows 10 QSO'S so if you made a mistake and notice it at the beginning it will let you change it.

For SO and SOA have the logging program create a separate log of what packet spots you clicked on that include time, band, frequency and packet node you are connected to. You will submit this to the contest sponsor along with your cabrillo file.


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