[CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing

Stephen Bloom sbloom at acsalaska.net
Tue Dec 8 19:46:46 EST 2015

Hey all:

I agree with this one, though I don't think it will be very popular (and not
just cuz Eric is my Hebrew Homeboy from Lawn Guyland).  

The argument over what consists of Assisted is going to become increasingly
weird, as the line between carbon based neural networks and silicon based
neural networks narrows :)  If anyone operates unassisted at this point ..it
is either because

1)  The category exists as a separate category with its own
cert/plaque/trophy/bragging rights during late night beer drinking in a
suite at the Crowne Plaza 
2)  They've been entering SS since radio came back after WW 2 (the Big One)
and still manually log and dupe check.  You might find a few of these at
Field Day as well.

It has been nice having the choice ...and I do have a sentimental attachment
to being Class A or B for SS, but it seems like the "what exactly does
assisted mean" argument makes it more trouble than it is worth.  There
really just is no reason not to use the Cluster or whatever tools come along
in the future in the age of remoting via IP, Code readers etc.

As for category shopping ...either decide it's cool or it isn't.  If it is,
arguing about the limts of it is pointless.  Human nature being what it is
..especially when given to competitive engineering types is going to be to
always push the limits..it's what we do (especially during late night beer
drinking in a suite at the Crowne Plaza.  If it isn't ...make submitting a
log a two step entry.  Declare category before the first logged Q
..otherwise it's either a check log or automatically in the highest category
for that contest.  

Straightforward solutions ..if the problem needs to be solved ..but ..like
any sport ..I think part of the fun is the afterwards b*tch sessions, not
sure we want to lose that ..plus it's one less thing to talk about during
.....late night beer drinking sessions at the Crowne Plaza.

Steve KL7SB

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Just to add my $0.02 to all these discussions on categories and

I think for single operator, at least, there should only be categories based
on power. If I'm running SOHP one radio unassisted, I have a much better
chance (based on my experience) in beating an assisted op (also one radio)
in the same power category than I do against SO2R at HP. Yet, if the SO2R op
isn't using assistance, he's lumped in with me as unassisted. I have run
both assisted vs unassisted (one radio) in many contests, and I'm not
convinced that packet spots and the like make a huge difference other than
to complete sweeps and find rare multipliers. From what I can tell, SO2R is
a huge advantage, so why would I have to compete against that category as

Let's just assume that SO2R, packet use (or not), dual watch receivers, etc.
are all just tools that good ops can use to their advantage. Power
categories are a way to balance things out, but you can argue that we should
also have categories for antennas. At any power level, does an op using a
single multiband dipole or vertical stand any chance against another station
with multiple 100' towers and huge monoband yagis, etc.? Talk about an
unfair competition! I'm not complaining here - I just think most of what
we're arguing over is completely random in the big picture.

73 and see you this weekend (using HP, one radio and a very long inverted
vee antenna, probably with "assistance" from the spotting network).

Eric NC6K
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