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It seems to me that the Boys in Madeira (one of my all-time places, ever, to 
visit - you need to see Funchal, all alit with Christmas lights) simply 
out-operated, or perhaps had fewer Murphy's that the Curacao Crew.  The 
respective multipliers weren't even close.

Can the guys "change" their category post-contest, as long as all operations 
were within the rules?  Why not?  What's so official about 3830?  It's often 
simply for bragging rights, and I don't remember ever reading someone 
complaining that they were ahead of the No. 2...........

Having operated extensively from nearby 8P6, 9Y4, P40, YV, HC  - I can 
attest that throughout the years and solar cycles, that part of the world 
from which PJ2T suffers, is second to none.  They continue to excel most 
every year - I doubt worrying too much about the guys up north in the snow, 
or with aurora, or trying to solve Murphy all by themselves.

Don't get discouraged guys - trust me, during the next 8 years of lousy 
conditions in the northern latitudes, you will again be No. 1.  And I doubt 
if you will be too concerned about the rest of us 'sufferers'.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger  N6TJ

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Kelly, It's much more than just trying to gain an unfair advantage. Please 
reread the the first paragraph which contains words like "respect , 
fairness, ethics and fellowship". But the last one is the most important 
word - " sore loser "

JeffOn Dec 8, 2015 9:58 PM, Kelly Taylor <ve4xt at mymts.net> wrote:
> One could argue poor sportsmanship is being displayed by those kvetching 
> about their win, especially absent any facts.
> A definition of poor sportsmanship in the link you provide is "…breaking 
> the rules to gain an unfair advantage."
> What rules have been broken and what's the "unfair advantage" of a lowly 
> M2 station beating a MM?
> 73 kelly
> ve4xt
> On 2015-12-08, at 6:33 PM, Jeff Clarke <ku8e at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> > https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sportsmanship
> >
> > It's pretty obvious to me the definition of sportsmanship is different 
> > in Europe is different than it is here in the United States.
> >
> > Read the above link and tell me if CR3L is being a good sport?
> >
> > This email thread has been nothing about anyone breaking any rules 
> > because it's pretty apparent to me that the rules are broken if they 
> > allow this to happen.
> >
> > Jeff
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