[CQ-Contest] CR3L, category hopping and sportsmanship

VE2TZT ve2tzt at arrl.net
Wed Dec 9 12:29:19 EST 2015

Perhaps all that could be avoided if the sponsor does not give the plate 
when the score of the 1st place of a given category is lower than the 
score of the 1st place of any lower category. (something like the WRTC 
points calculation).

Further more all the 1st places could be left blank until the score of 
this 1st place category is higher than the one of the lower category.

Exemple : If the 4 top scores on SO non assisted are higher than the 1st 
top score of assisted category then the 4 first places of assisted 
category are left blank and the 1st top score is ranked 5th.

Gilles VA2EW

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