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I think there are written rules and unwritten rules.  I was a guest to these
folks ..and I would not abuse their hospitality like that.  I'm not big on
"victimless crimes" period ..but that is another discussion.  As you can
tell from my postings ..even though I've been a ham for many years, and did
a few contests back then, I am fairly new to the serious stuff.  Other than
a bit of pontificating here ...I'm a lot more about listening to how people
do things ..rather than suggest they change.

The ethical question would be whether to participate from there or not at
over 400W.  I haven't done so until this point, it is a bridge I'll cross
when I get there.  

I think my next foreign contest op will be in VP9 .which has a 150W limit
and is serious about it ...(as in ..don't even think about bringing in a
linear).  Given that ...I'll be running LP.  I think the local hams prefer
the low power limit ..as a way of limiting "the arms race."

Steve KL7SB

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On Wed,12/9/2015 12:17 PM, Stephen Bloom wrote:
> Given that the 400W limit is unreasonable (unlike 30M in the States were
we are secondary), were I competing there, I'd do it.  To enforce it would
mean DQing the entire country.

Why have you failed to name the country involved? If the Contest Rules
require that every contestant follow the Rules of the country where he/she
is operating, it seems to me that the whole country SHOULD be DQed if they
violate their own laws.

 From my distant vantage point nearly 6,000 miles away, it seems like those
in the UK ARE obeying their own rules. Allowing for differences in
propagation, their signals are typically well below those of nearby
countries, and they rarely require repeats of my exchange, even when they're
close to being buried in my noise.

73, Jim K9YC
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