[CQ-Contest] Category hopping, new angle

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 10 10:46:28 EST 2015


The difference between M2X and MM is very slim. If you look at the PJ2T and CR3L scores, PJ2T has about 700 more QSO's but CR3L had 80 more multipliers. Some people don't realize that stations near Europe have a huge competitive advantage because of the number of QSO's and multipliers available to them on 160 and 80 meters. Plus they are getting 3 points per QSO working stations that are no further then when I work New England from my home in GA. I'm not saying we don't have some advantage on 15 and 10 meters from the southern Caribbean ,because we do ,but I think that advantage that those in EU enjoy on the lower bands probably evens that out.

It really irks me when people make comments like " they beat them with their hands tied behind their back", " they out operated them" or "A MM should never let a M2 beat them" because they don't understand this. 

CR3L probably has two stations on each run band - one CQ and the other S&P. Plus one or more multiplier stations. This is what the top multi-ops like CN2AA, D4C and P33W are doing as well. If you don't have the operators to staff all these stations and have the associated lockouts it's hard to be competitive.

 That's exactly the problem we have at PJ4A.  K4BAI and I have a hard time finding operators to join us every year because CQWW falls on a week that's a major holiday in the US - Thanksgiving.

I've operated at PJ2T a few times but the last time was 2009. I think they just have one station per band... But I could be wrong.

73's Jeff KU8E

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