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I4UFH i4ufh at libero.it
Thu Dec 10 13:37:38 EST 2015

Thanks Martin to point out the difference between carabian and west africa . 

Unfortunatly they can't be compared, zone 33/35 have more advantage over 9/10/11 including HC8 and PY0F , due position were un can run 2 different areas US - EU at  same time for almost all day in different bands.

Regarding multiplier africa have an amazing low band path to Pacific area never found in other place.

Particulary from 35 , we can count several kh6, kl7 fk8 and ja's on 160m that are difficult from other part of the world, without counting lp opening to ja's in the night in 10m.

I had played cqww around the world also in zone 9 , fy5ke in 2005 ms, and belive can't compare the Huge pile up !

Lets Go to play the game !!

73 de Fabio i4ufh / D4C

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> Il giorno 10/dic/2015, alle ore 18:54, Martin, LU5DX <lu5dx at lucg.com.ar> ha scritto:
> Hi Mats,
> I don't think so. PJ2 or any country in zone 9 is not as favored as zone
> 33/35. At least during this phase of the solar cycle.
> It has been demonstrated that EF8M was able to run on 10 m like no one else
> also during years of poor SFI.
> There is a chance that US stations will not beam that much to EU on the
> higher bands during low solar activity years, so stations from zone 9 will
> have it easier to some extent, however, zone 33/35 will always win becuase
> of the number of mults they have at hand.
> All this talking about multi OP categories of course.
> Single OP AB categories now, according to Jose's function, are a matter of
> running two pileups as efficiently as possible to get a top place finish or
> even a world record, and that can certainly be done from zone 9.
> But again, for multi op, the zones to be are 33/35.
> 73,
> Martín Lu5dx
> El dic 10, 2015 14:28, "Mats Strandberg" <sm6lrr at gmail.com> escribió:
>> Of course Martin...
>> I just compare "similar" locations, where I consider PJ2 being a pretty
>> equal one to zone 33 or 35.
>> A M/S station in Zone 33 or 35 should have issues to beam a M2 or MM
>> station in Zone 8 or 9.
>> Remember Martin, I am myself from SM so pretty much familiar to challenges
>> of the north (or the south) when it comes to trying to win.
>> My reflection was just that CR3L as M2 logically should have no chance to
>> win MM in case MM efforts would have been of similar class as most years.
>> This year, MM was probably one of the easier categories to be in top...  No
>> offence to those who participated, but scores were quite low compared to
>> what normally can be expected from a station that theoretically can have 6
>> RUN stations 48 hours.
>> 73 de Mats RM2D
>> 2015-12-10 18:07 GMT+03:00 Martin , LU5DX <lu5dx at lucg.com.ar>:
>>> How can an M2 win over an MM. It is very simple actually. You only need
>>> to take the geographic factor into account. An MS in zone 33 or 35 can
>>> easily achieve a higher score than a full fledged MM in zone 13 for
>>> example. That is why to me, because of the nature of amateur radio
>>> contests, and also in most cases because of the rules of them, competition
>>> at a world level is sort of a fantasy.
>>> If you set up two stations that are exactly the same, you clone the crew
>>> of operators, one station in JA, the other in D4, there will be no way for
>>> the station in JA to win "the world".
>>> If competition was done at a zone level it would be a little more like a
>>> real competition and less like it has been so far.
>>> I really believe if it was done that way, more and more people would feel
>>> motivated to enter the contests and the ones who already enter would feel
>>> more motivated to do it more seriously.
>>> 73,
>>> Martín LU5DX
>>> El dic 10, 2015 10:58, "Mats Strandberg" <sm6lrr at gmail.com> escribió:
>>>> (Sorry, sent away my message before finished)
>>>> Yes, agree with Goran.
>>>> The main issue is that MM competition this year was weak and in case we
>>>> had
>>>> a few really competitive MM efforts, no chance would have been for CR3L
>>>> to
>>>> lead the claimed scores.
>>>> The discussion is so much about "ethics" and "unsportsmanlike behaviour"
>>>> where as the focus should be:
>>>> Why on earth is it possible to win MM with a M2 or a M/S station?
>>>> Not knowing fully the setup of PJ2T, and all the issues they might have
>>>> had
>>>> with power failures and antennas that were not delivered on site,
>>>> normally,
>>>> PJT2 could easily have won the MM category and could easily have had 10
>>>> Million more points than any M/S or M2 station.
>>>> So, instead of debating this into some absurd dead end, focus on having
>>>> fun, on planning for a gigantic attack on the MM first position in 2016.
>>>> You can, and you should not, win if your effort in any category is World
>>>> Class. Obvisously PJ2T had issues and problems that prevented them from
>>>> winning this year. Let's face it and realize that during the period
>>>> 2016-2021 (at least), they will have far better chances than most other
>>>> stations. The location PJ2 is better than most locations in the world.
>>>> They
>>>> should logically have no issue to beat any M2 station in the world.
>>>> There are no moral winners - there is only one:  The station with most
>>>> points in each category. Whether you like it or not, that is the way CQWW
>>>> works. Nothing prevents anyone from posting a score on 3830. This is not
>>>> the official site for CQWW.
>>>> 73 de Mats RM2D (SM6LRR)
>>>> 2015-12-10 0:33 GMT+03:00 Bokverket <info at bokverket.com>:
>>>>> Re the big M/2 MM switch debate:  I noticed to my surprise when
>>>> viewing the
>>>>> raw scores that CN2AA who tops the M/S category with nearly 35
>>>> megapoints
>>>>> could presumably also have switched to M/M and won it easily over
>>>> CR3L's
>>>>> approximately 32 megapoints.
>>>>> Which is the greater accomplishment, achieving an amazing score with
>>>> one,
>>>>> two or two+ transmitters? What a feat.
>>>>> All the best from the northern latitudes,
>>>>> Goran Fagerström
>>>>> SM0DRD
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