[CQ-Contest] Classic M/S

Oliver Dröse droese at necg.de
Thu Dec 10 17:55:14 EST 2015

Hi Ed,

 > Sounds to me like there is a need for "Classic M/S". This could
 > actually be an overlay from the M2 category I think.

I think it should be an overlay to the "normal" M/S.

 > One run radio - running all the time and one "mult radio" doing
 > whatever it can do. Its by default a M2 without lock out but you
 > can't run on 2 radios. Only S & P the VFO or band map.

Isn't this what's already in "normal" M/S? Of course depending on 
contest their might be additional limitations in "normal" M/S like 
number of band changes which your definition doesn't have ... so making 
it even more like "classic" M/2 than M/S.

But from what I understand what people want for "Classic M/S" is just 
one radio. Period. No loopholes then concerning multiplier radio (or 
several therof as the case today), just one single radio allowed. 
Nothing else. That's it.

 > I think it would quickly become a very popular category form
 > the comments posted.

I think so, too. We are just a small group of 2-3 contesters locally and 
with "Classic M/S" I could really imagine to do an multi OP. With the 
current M/x categories we could never be competetive so rather run 2 (or 
sometimes 3) single OP single band entries instead (which is fun, too).

73, Olli - DH8BQA

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