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Ktfrog007 at aol.com Ktfrog007 at aol.com
Fri Dec 11 10:56:00 EST 2015

Hans, you'd better double check the demographics before you make such a  
statement (down below).  Most of us aren't in our 80's yet, but we're well  on 
our way.  At first glance, it seems your data supports the opposite  
My guess is the ratio, 2061/921, pretty much corresponds to a general  
old/young ratio, at least for US contesters.
I get this sense from contests exchanging ages.  You might want to  present 
some data to back up your claim.  I'm sure it would be interesting  to all 
of us.
As for me, I operated unassisted from 1958 to about 2008, 50 years, and  
plan to operate the next 50 assisted.  After that who knows what nifty  
technology will be available.
Can't wait.
__73, de Ken, AB1J
"Just an OF and His Radio"     not TM     If it fits, wear it.
In a message dated 2015-12-09 4:56:13 A.M. Coordinated Universal Tim,  
kzerohb at gmail.com writes:

Steve,  your assertion that "not-assisted" classes exist just to 
accommodate a few  beer-swilling braggarts and Luddites in their 80's doesn't square 
well with  recorded fact.

2014 SS CW/SSB entries in the assisted (U/UL) categories  total 921.  

Entries in the not-assisted (A/B/Q) categories  total 2,061.

__73, de Hans, K0HB

"Just a Boy and His  Radio"™

On Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 at 19:47, Stephen Bloom  <sbloom at acsalaska.net>, 
If anyone operates unassisted at this  point ..it

is either because

1)  The category exists as  a separate category with its own

cert/plaque/trophy/bragging rights  during late night beer drinking in a

suite at the Crowne Plaza  

2)  They've been entering SS since radio came back after WW 2  (the Big One)

and still manually log and dupe check.  You might  find a few of these at

Field Day as  well.


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