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There are at least two Yahoo groups specifically for the TS-590 family or
radios. One has ~2700 members, the other ~1500.  

I don't see a specific mention of the KenwoodTS-590 group moderator, but the
"info page" for the group specifically mentions at least twice that you must
provided "Your Name and Valid Callsign with your request to join" or your
membership request WILL be rejected.  


So I have to ask, with all due respect... did you include your full name and
call sign(s) on the request?

Although I have no connection to this group, I do help moderate an antenna
related forum, and am the owner of my club's former email reflector group
there (we've moved to GoogleGroups) & current newsletter reflector.  I will
reject a membership request when it appears to be from a less than benign
source, ie, a potential source of unwanted commercial emails.  (Or in the
case of my club, if it was from a non-member, as per club policy)  

If you did provide name and call(s), perhaps a direct email to the list
owner at kenwoodts-590-owner at yahoogroups.com inquiring about the reasons
would be in order.  This could be a simple misunderstanding.

Good luck!

73, ron w3wn

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I recently obtained one of these rigs and applied to subscribe for
membership. I just received a reply as follows.....

>>> Your request to join the KenwoodTS-590 group was not approved.
>>> The moderator of each Yahoo! group chooses whether to restrict
>>> membership in the group. Moderators who choose to restrict
>>> membership also choose whom to admit.

As our hobby is all about sharing knowledge and helping each other I do find
this response surprising to say the least and a distinct lack of courtesy in
failing to give a reason for the declination .

Is anyone able to tell me who is the strange minded person who is the
moderator of this group as, I presume, they (he) are USA based and why they
should adopt such a restrictive undesirable policy which most certainly does
not subscribe to the Ham Spirit.

 73  Brian 5B4AIZ / C4Z - who has fingers crossed for some propagation  to
USA this weekend for the ARRL 10m  Contest.
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