[CQ-Contest] CQ WW Survey results - part 1

Chris Wynn n4xfa at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 17 15:43:13 EST 2015

I was first licensed at 12 years of age.  Fortunately, I had a great mentor, Mike Greenway,  K4PI, that always kept me pushing further.
With that being said, I didn't not have the resources to contest until college, oddly enough!
I also grew up racing motorcycles and in a stunt show for 7 years.  I have an extremely competitive side, and find myself doing whatever I need to "honestly" do my best.
I am now 39, have two boys, some acreage with two towers up.  My only impediment is my law practice that steals me away sometimes.
I would be excited to see more younger hams or future hams being brought into the contest.  If we go these guys correctly, they would be killer in the contests and would be a great insurance plan for the future of ham radio and our sport.
Just my thoughts...... these maybe a little skewed due to my ankle surgery last week and my completion of my XM-240 on tower number two!  I managed to cram my left ankle in a boot and climb the tower regardless of the stitches and swelling! 
73's es see y'all in the pile ups!

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  On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Randy Thompson K5ZD<k5zd at charter.net> wrote:   There is a new blog post with the first results from the CQ WW Contest
survey that was open during September 2015.




This first post cover demographic information about the responses.  The most
striking finding is how old we are!


Comments and discussion are welcome.


Randy, K5ZD


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