[CQ-Contest] Is it time for a new cq-contest forum format?

Bob Burns W9BU w9bu_lists at rlburns.net
Sat Dec 19 14:54:12 EST 2015

I generally prefer email lists vs. on-line forums.

An on-line forum requires that I go someplace on the web to find the
conversation. I have to be running a browser and I have to point that
browser to a web site. Then my browser has to load a bunch of PHP code,
interpret a bunch of cascading style sheets, and the PHP code has to access
a SQL database. All this takes bandwidth and time if you have a slow
Internet connection.

OTOH, an email list deposits the conversations into my email. I don't have
to do anything to see the conversations. Whether I'm at home reading my
email with Outlook or on the go reading my email with my smartphone, the
conversations are there. The bandwidth requirement for email is very small.
While many of us have lots of available bandwidth through our Internet
service provider or smartphone data plan, there may be folks out there who
are still bandwidth limited.


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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Is it time for a new cq-contest forum format?
> Sorry to interrupt the "please copy" discussion, but...
> I wonder what everyone thinks about transitioning this 1980s-style email
> over to a modern web-based forum format such as vBulletin?
> Advantages:
> -Real-time posting, so that someone's question doesn't get 15 almost
> identical replies caused by the multi-hour delay from the time a post is
> until it is approved for distribution -An easier way to follow a topic,
seeing all
> previous, relevant posts on the topic in a logical sequence -An easier way
> follow a topic, as each subject is in its own thread -Easy access to
archives and
> search -Ability to easily skip threads/posts that don't interest you.
> With all the tech-savvy people that participate here, I'm surprised this
> been addressed before, or has it?  The 3830scores web site was a great
> improvement over the earlier 3830 list.  Why not the same for cq-contest -
> your thoughts?
> Barry W2UP
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