[CQ-Contest] Off Topic - IC706MKIIG and Filtering

Trent Sampson vk4ts at outlook.com
Sat Dec 19 16:28:17 EST 2015


Probably the cheapest and most elegant improvement to the 706; these RTL dongles are only $10 delivered on ebay. 
How you use them is you solder the antenna lead to the IF of the 706 and use the PC to decode the IF frequency. 
This gives you the advanced capabilities of the SDR Software including multiple layers of fancy filtering. 

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> From: taholmes160 at gmail.com
> Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 09:05:27 -0500
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Off Topic - IC706MKIIG and Filtering
> HI Folks;
> I have an IC706mkIIG that for the most part I really like, however, it 
> does not have any filters of any kind in / on it.  I am planning to 
> replace it as soon as I can, however between now and then, I would like 
> to come up with some way to filter the received signals.  The radio has 
> 2 slots for icom filters which are very difficult to find (at least 
> according to vendors at Dayton this year) (and when you do find them 
> they are expensive) I was wondering if there was a way I could tap that 
> signal chain at the filter slots and take the signal out to my computer 
> for audio processing, and then either hear it directly from the computer 
> or return it to the radio for further "voodoo" before it gets to my ears.
> I'm not very familiar with receiver functioning nor audio processing 
> like this so this is kinda stretching my limits a bit here as far as 
> technical stuff goes, so I might need some in depth explainations
> Thanks
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