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"So there I was, running a narrow little freq between EA8BH and WØAIH when right in front of me appeared this old battered HW-101 with an orange triangle on the back..."


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> The average Massachusetts drivers would certainly add interest to such a race,  but for Pennsylvania drivers are you referring to the English or the Amish?
> If the latter,  it would certainly put a tragic spin on beating dead horses on the reflector after the event.
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> There are few competitive events where the "civilians" mix right  in with
> the "professionals".  Imagine an auto race where your typical  Ma and Pa
> Sunday drivers were out there with the race cars.  But this does  happen in ham
> radio contests and makes for more QSOs.
> And, I wonder, are there really so many "please copy" ops put there that
> they pose a threat to the elite?
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