[CQ-Contest] Latency

Barry w2up at comcast.net
Sun Dec 20 13:05:13 EST 2015

I had my repeat CQ set at 3 seconds and number of times, guys would 
start their reply at 2.99 secs, just as my  CQ restarted  :-)

I think it's two primary factors:
Non-contesters, not understanding the rhythm that we want.
SO2R guys making a QSO on the other radio

I operate remotely at times and have listeneed on myself on my home 
radio.  Latency is less than 1/4 second, so I don't believe it's a factor.

Barry W2UP

On 12/20/2015 09:38, Bill Parry wrote:
> Even with the limited time that I spent in the CQWW and 10 Meter contest I
> noticed something that I haven't seen before.  During a run I would be
> answered by a station. I would respond with the exchange, stand by and
> NOTHING! I waited for a reasonable length of time and re-sent the exchange
> again. Since I use full break-in I noticed about half way through the other
> station would send the exchange...of course I missed part of it and to ask
> for a fill.  I have run into this before but never to the extent that I did
> in these two contests. Really screws up the timing in the pileup.
> I am wondering if we just have more neophytes in the contests now or if it
> could possibly be stations that are operating remotely and the latency of
> their station is causing it. I am not a speed demon and usually operate
> around 30 wpm and I am pretty forgiving of beginners. Just wondering if
> anyone else noticed this and if so what the cause might be?
> Bill W5VX
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