[CQ-Contest] Latency

John E Bastin bastinj at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 15:51:51 EST 2015

On 20 Dec 2015, at 13:05, Barry <w2up at comcast.net> wrote:
> I had my repeat CQ set at 3 seconds and number of times, guys would start their reply at 2.99 secs, just as my  CQ restarted  :-)

I’m not a big gun contester, and I almost always contest using low power; my repeat CQ is set at 4 seconds, and occasionally I get someone coming in just as the CQ starts up.

Thank goodness for QSK.

> I think it's two primary factors:
> Non-contesters, not understanding the rhythm that we want.
> SO2R guys making a QSO on the other radio
> I operate remotely at times and have listeneed on myself on my home radio.  Latency is less than 1/4 second, so I don't believe it's a factor.

I worked Hal, W1NN, in the 10 meter contest, his station in Medina, OH, about 25 miles north of me. He was sitting in Japan at the time. I couldn’t tell he wasn’t right in front of the radio.


John K8AJS
bastinj at gmail.com

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