[CQ-Contest] CQ WW Survey results - part 1

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Mon Dec 21 10:49:17 EST 2015


Why are you sending his exchange back to him? Are you hoping he will 
correct you if you got it wrong? If so, you are waiting until far too 
late in the QSO; after you say "thanks", if anyone else is waiting on 
frequency they are going to jump in either immediately or after you stop 
talking, and there may be no chance for the first guy to get his 
correction to you through the QRM.

Anyway, repeating his exchange to him is often not a good way to verify 
what he sent - if you had it right and he hears your version 
incorrectly, he will think you got it wrong and waste both his and your 
time sending a repeat when you already had it right; and if you had it 
wrong, he might make the same error listening to you that you made 
listening to him and think you got it right when actually it was wrong.

If you really are unsure about the exchange, you should ask him for a 
repeat *before* you send the "thanks" message. Once you are confident 
you have it right, you shouldn't confuse the issue by suggesting that 
you might still be looking for a repeat.

Rich VE3KI

KL7SB said:

> otherwise ..it's "Thanks for Number 372"

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