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If they get “0ZCW” on your first call, you’ve started the contact and don’t need to send your call again until it is time to make the exchange where you correct the call.  I really doubt it is a matter of “hotshots” not being able to copy, rather QRM with 2-3 other callers at the beginning of your call.  Sending your call twice on the first round drags things down for everybody.  You may not be competing but others are trying their best to go as fast as reasonably possible.
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Bob,     The reason for sending my call twice, with normal word space between, is that many hotshots send faster than can receive and they can not copy an H followed by and S correctly,  I use speed knob on purpose to try to meet the fellow's sending speed and find about half can not copy HS first try, but get the 0ZCW ok.  If they can not get it first time, twice should do job.  Hee hee
That is why, 73, Charly   HS0ZCW
On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 11:49 PM, K5WA <K5WA at comcast.net> wrote:
Why would you send your call twice with no breaks to see if he got your call?
Bob K5WA
>>and I sent my call twice with no break between,
73, Charly>>>

Charly, HS0ZCW

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