[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry is Coming. Are You Ready?

Stephen Bloom sbloom at acsalaska.net
Tue Dec 22 21:45:59 EST 2015

This is how any 160M contest goes from KL7SB ...where the 160M xmit and rcv
antenna is an 80M inverted vee off the tower in an urban area with a high
noise floor

1)  Work KL7RA (sadly no more) and some years KL7KY will be on
2)  Three possible other Qs ...N7GP, N6TR, W7RN ..the only station I
actually heard in ARRL 160M this year was Tree ...and no joy as far as him
hearing me.

One year ....I did somehow manage 41Qs ..I think N2IC in NM was about as
distant as it got (I might have worked a KH6 ..but that's actually the
easiest out of state Q from here).

States worked overall since 2008 ...10 (Minnesota being the most distant)
...Countries ..5 (US, KH6, KL7, VE, and ..for some bizzaro reason ..T88)

Places I will operate Top Band in the future ....anywhere but here.

Steve KL7SB

p.s.  I suspect Alaska is gonna be real rare on 160M for awhile.  Rich's
station was in a league of its own for it.  KL7KY is the only station I know
of with good dedicated antennas for the band, and I don't hear him on that
much.  I"ve had occasional thoughts of trying to set up a station in
Ketchikan (which is on an island close to the border with BC) which is
likely the best location for low band propagation to the Lower 48 ...and put
out some feelers to a ham there a couple of years back ..but he didn't seem
real interested.

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I'd like to propose a new award, and I'd offer to sponsor it, but it's my
only realistic chance at winning something in this contest.

Southern California Pipe Dreaming (apologies to N6TQ) - Top number of QSOs
outside of CA and AZ by a Southern CA station with a wire antenna.  I
suggest a 100x bonus for S. American QSOs and 1000x bonus for EU. Honorable
mention to the SoCal station garnering the most "QRZ??" when calling East
Coast stations.

Sorry, but after many years of running 1.5 kW and only having 15 entries
worked and 13 confirmed (nothing in EU, AS, or any other non-"American"
continent), I have become a bit cynical w.r.t. 160M. I should have a 55'
tower up by spring, so maybe I'll change my tune then.

73 and hope you hear me this weekend!

Eric NC6K
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