[CQ-Contest] CQ WW Survey Results - part 2

Mark van Wijk, PA5MW pa5mw at home.nl
Wed Dec 30 10:00:39 EST 2015

The issue can be solved by removing the incentive for cheaters.
For SO just cancel any prize, no wooden plaque anymore.
Instead make the wooden plaque for SOA twice as large and preferably in 

Unassisted only remains the list notification.
The reward already lies in their own honest achievement.

73 Mark, PA5MW

**Happy New Year**

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European hams are more sly and know that the most of the hams even they
send their log as SO, they are really SOA and steal. I know many hams in
Greece do it. Really I don't know anyone that he does not use clusters.
When I ask them, they reply that everyone uses clusters today, that they
need to catch a new dxcc entity, that everyone does the same, that the
didn't understand the rules, bla bla... I don't believe that there is at
least one casual operator who does not use clusters. Think that the last
year, a ham was caught to add fake QSOs in his log!!! Do you think that
he did not use clusters? :)
The newer contests have not a SO category. I believe that the organizers
and rule makers just know the truth and see the reality of our real world.
Have you tried to call CQ outside of a contest? Nobody replies or just a
few. And when someone spot you, you have a big pileup. Do you really
believe that ham operators who work this way in everyday life, does not
use clusters the next day in a contest?
I understand the hams who voted for separate categories. The most of
them and especially the USA hams believe more in ham spirit and that
every ham is honest (as it should be - otherwise he is not really a ham
radio operator). When you realize the reality this way, it is normal to
ask for separate categories. I want also separate categories but only if
I know that the game is honest. If we can not catch them, it is more
simple and more honest to make one category and this is what I voted
both times.
I know this way we can say that we don't know also if we have one
operator or more, so let's make only Multi operators category, etc...
But let's say to keep the game and our thought in normal level. This is
big steal, a secret  known by more it is not a secret, and finally it is
not the same...
73 Kostas SV1DPI

On 30/12/2015 2:45 πμ, w2lc at twcny.rr.com wrote:
> Bill KO7SS, what did you see that I didn't?
> What I see is US ops and overall do not want SO & SOA combined. And 
> overwhelmingly so in the US. I don't want those combined either. I have no 
> interest in skimmer, RBN or spotting networks. Yes I have used RBN and 
> spots on occasion but nothing there that excites me. I would rather just 
> do it myself or do SO2R.
> However, I am in favor of putting SOA in with multi-single, that is a much 
> better match of categories. SOA has more in common with multi-single than 
> SO.
> It looks like everyone sees whatever conclusion that they want to see.
> And a shorter log deadline? Geez I missed the deadline the last 2 years by 
> an hour or 2 by sending my log on following Friday night. ok this is 
> checklog Charlie going out to play in the snow
> 73 Scott W2LC
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