[CQ-Contest] Sat Night Sprint

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sun Feb 1 23:59:51 EST 2015

Now I do not know if the offenders here were just handing out points so 
it does not really matter then, . I did not write down their calls.
But I think I heard many, and I mean many times, stations not following 
the qsy rules.
I heard something like this happen several times last night.

cqing station is 1 he works station 2
station 2 takes freq and works station 3
station 1 is right back now working station 3
and then station 1 works station 4

The only way I can see station  1 be not breaking the rules is if he was 
soo fast he was able to move off freq, find a new station,, work him,, 
then work another and still have time to go back to the first frequency 
and work station 3

But I heard this happen with many stations last night,  Odd huh?


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