[CQ-Contest] What is split?

Charles Henry k4vud at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 8 17:39:15 EST 2015

Having operated HS0ZCW for 10 years and created many pile ups, often because I am the only DX for EU to hear that day, but due to all that op, I know a few things.......
-A surprising number of hams do not know enough English to know what "split" and "up" means.-Nor enough English to understand when I call for EU or NA and a Russian calls in instead.-Not understanding how to manipulate his radio to obtain split.
Due to my good propagation into places with little English, I have tried to converse with lots of hams with non-NA call signs only to find they learned to say only their call signs, 59, and their name and QTH.  Anything else, including my effort to teach what "split" means are met with apologies for no more English.   It is not my fault that English is the language of ham radio, but these fellows vocabularies are very limited in English.  
A very large nation North of me has ops who can not cope with any phonetics for their own call signs except the one set they learned.  Any other phonetics are someone else's call signs to them.
And, yes, I often meet hams outside NA/EU/JA who honestly do not know how to set up their rig for split op.  Their instruction books are in English, too.
SO, I CALL ON A BIG CLUB TO COLLECT DONATIONS TO FUND TRANSLATING THESE INSTRUCTIONS INTO ALL LANGUAGES and mail a copy to every ham address, world wide, that can be found.   Also to supply other national clubs with the translations into their native languages for republication locally there.
I dream this would help.   73, Charly
I also dream of a QST cover that says "What is split?" 		 	   		  

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