[CQ-Contest] Contest QTH, hilltop or seaside?

K5WA K5WA at Comcast.net
Thu Jan 1 13:02:02 EST 2015

You've already achieved 20 db over most of us to the south of you by being
in VE9 land but if you want a better location and are unable to erect even a
40' tower for a beam, I vote for the 600' ASL location and separate 4 square
arrays on each band rather than a single HF9V.  ON4UN's single elevated
radial 4 square on 40 - 10 would be possible without taking up too much
space.  An 80 meter 4 square starts getting pretty large and 160 will really
require friendly neighbors unless you have plenty of room (about 400'
square).  I've had an 80M 4 square (made with Rohn 20 elements 15'
elevation) for several years and just put up a 160M 4 square (wire top
loaded elements 15' elevation).  I have been very pleased with their
performance and would bet you would have even better results up there. 
A good bit of my location opinion here is based on a visit to N2IC's New
Mexico hilltop location a couple of years ago.  Steve is an incredible
operator and could win with a wet noodle and QRP but his location, about
800-1000' feet up a hill/mountain, was just amazing to operate from because
he never seemed to have slow rate times like I see as "normal" in south
Texas.  His towers are not more than 70' (if I remember correctly) and he
basically has one monobander per band.  The only slow times that occurred
were when I sat in the main operating chair and rates dropped 25% but they
immediately jumped back up when Steve returned to the main operating chair.
Good luck with your decision but I don't think you can go wrong with either
choice.  I was lucky enough to operate VY2TT a couple of years ago and was
just amazed at the difference in conditions between PEI and south Texas.  By
the way, I happen to have an excess 20M Comtek 4 square and a 160M Comtek
dual vertical controller if you want to experiment.  You can borrow them or
buy them pretty darned cheap since they are excess to my needs now.
Bob K5WA
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If you had to choose between a 600' hilltop or an oceanfront QTH in VE9, VE1
which would it be?-----6m thru 160m.

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