[CQ-Contest] Contest QTH, hilltop or seaside?

shristov shristov at ptt.rs
Sun Jan 4 19:40:54 EST 2015

David Siddall <hhamwv at gmail.com> wrote:

> Professional software equivalents to HFTA include consideration of
> buildings as well as geography, but seem to be limited to line-of-site
> considerations at 30 MHz and up.  One example widely used 
> is EDXSignalPro but designed for 30 MHz up.

I cannot be sure, but judging from the 2-page SignalPro brochure,
it is quite unlike HFTA.  It seems to be intended for end-to-end modelling
of communication links, more in the line of what Radio Mobile by VE2DBE does.

"14 propagation models" are mentioned, and such models generally result
in link propagation statistics, not in performance data for specific TX locations.

> Does anyone know of a similar software package that covers 1.8 
> MHz and up for HF?

That's what I'd like to know, too.

> Seems as though engineers designing AM and HF stations would have
> something similar to EDX SignalPro with which to work?

In the golden days of professional HF it's more likely
that they relied more on the common sense
rather than on computer modelling,
as exemplified by the NBS Technical note that I mentioned.

They did the job in a sure-fire way:
by staying away from the complex terrain,
and using flat sites with low horizon obstructions,
for which a reliable analysis was possible by hand.


Sinisa  YT1NT, VE3EA

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