[CQ-Contest] NAQP CW Op Name - Je suis Charlie

N4KH Jim n4kh at comcast.net
Mon Jan 12 12:52:14 EST 2015

Oh Lord I worked him too.  Had to ask for a repeat. I bet just about everybody asked him for a repeat. I did t think to see what my Cabrillo file did with it. 

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<div>-------- Original message --------</div><div>From: Fred Kleber <kleberf at bellsouth.net> </div><div>Date:01/12/2015  11:16 AM  (GMT-06:00) </div><div>To: CQ-Contest at contesting.com </div><div>Subject: [CQ-Contest] NAQP CW Op Name - Je suis Charlie </div><div>
</div>In the recent NAQP contest, there was a station who used 'JESUISCHARLIE'  for his name.  This name is too long to fit in the standard Cabrillo field for operator name.  I submitted my log with what I copied for a name, even though it makes the QSO line longer than permitted by Cabrillo format.  Any idea how the contest organizers will score this?  KL9A - Are you on the reflector?

Fred, NP2X
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