[CQ-Contest] NAQP CW Op Name - Je suis Charlie

Barry w2up at comcast.net
Tue Jan 13 16:54:15 EST 2015

It doesn't say real location either.  Should I pick a rare state?
Barry W2UP

On 1/13/2015 09:46, Zack Widup wrote:
> Well, it doesn't say "REAL operator name." Maybe I could use "Zack Attack"
> because quite a few of my friends actually call me that.
> :-)
> 73, Zack W9SZ
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 9:09 AM, Greg <ab7r at cablespeed.com> wrote:
>> Another reason why I don't think this practice is correct is in the rules
>> for the contest:
>> 10. *Exchange*: Operator name and station location (state, province or
>> country) for North American stations; operator name only for non-North
>> American stations.
>> If your name is Ed and you send Carl, you are not giving the operator's
>> name.  Though obviously nobody in the contest committee seems to care.
>> Greg
>> On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 6:52 AM, <w5gn at mxg.com> wrote:
>>> I had planned to wait until after the contest deadline to share this
>>> experience with you but now that it's been well publicized, there is no
>>> reason to wait.
>>> Contest weekend was superb.  This was the ten-hour North American QSO
>>> Party, in which the exchange is your NAME and STATE/PROVINCE/COUNTRY,
>>> limited to 100 watts (which is really well obeyed in this one contest!!).
>>> You can pick your name - one Mexican is always LOCO - and frequently,
>> hams
>>> will all use the name of a "SK" - "Silent Key" in memory, and this time
>>> there were over 50 stations using CARL, for a good friend, Carl Cook, who
>>> died a week or so ago.
>>> First of all, that's LONG compared to BOB/JIM etc  (but I can remember
>> our
>>> son Nathaniel Lee's early papers with his NATHAN across the top and the
>> I E
>>> L going down the side of the page).
>>> So I didn't "RUN" and call CQ (since then a nice guy calling to give ME a
>>> point would have the unexpected challenge of that long and
>>> maybe-not-recognizable-when-you-are-writing-it-down-a-letter-at-a-time.
>>> Instead, I  "Search and Pounced" (NO INTERNET SPOTTING IN THIS CONTEST)
>>> tuning to find a station that was calling CQ, but I'd also listen to see
>> if
>>> he had a "pileup" of callers, and I waited until he had at least two
>>> unanswered CQs before making  my call.  I'd also note how fast he was
>>> sending, and set my CW speed to match his.
>>> Most fun, were the hot-hots sending at 40 wpm (which is about as fast as
>>> 99% can copy), who are supposed to be able to COPY EXACTLY WHAT WAS SENT
>>> for the name, and who couldn't handle the 13 characters at their own
>> speed,
>>> who'd come back with "??"
>>> so I'd drop the speed by 9 wpm and resend, and they'd still not get it,
>> so
>>> I sent a stored message at only 18 wpm with a full space between each
>>> letter, and a dozen hot-shots still needed a third or fourth repeat.
>>> As a group, the most accurate were the VERY SLOW CQ'ers, sending at 12-15
>>> wpm.  When I sent the spaced name at that same speed, almost everyone had
>>> the name on the first transmission! At that speed mentally you still are
>>> sending letters rather than words and the slow users are thus expecting
>> to
>>> hear letters and not words and thus that they didn't know JE SUIS is
>> French
>>> didn't confuse them.
>>> I had two fast stations reply "NIL" - Not In Log - when I sent the name -
>>> my presumption is they did copy and didn't like the message or length,
>> and
>>> one station did say the name was too long.
>>> I had another five or six that tried several times, but who politely gave
>>> up with a 73 SORRY (I think signal rather than CW was the problem), and
>>> there were a handful that just QSY'd from their RUN frequency without a
>>> reply after I sent the exchange a couple of times.
>>> BUT::: I had 50 out of 350 QSOs who made specific responses, including
>> Merci),
>>> and similar expressions.
>>> In case you didn't know Merrill comes from the French merle for the Black
>>> Birds that were common to the area near the Swiss border from whence they
>>> came, until the St. Bartholomew Day's Massacre in 1582 (Catholics killing
>>> Huguenots) drove them from France to England until 1630 when Nathaniel
>> came
>>> to Newburyport, MA, in 1630.
>>> 73
>>> Barry Merrill, W5GN
>>> After the contest, I looked into the issue of the Cabrillo Format for the
>>> NAME.
>>> The Cabrillo format does NOT specify if fields are fixed length or not,
>>> but the template for the
>>> NAQP does show 10 positions for NAME, although there is NO statement in
>>> the RULES of the maximum
>>> NAME length).
>>> However, the NAQP robot (and perhaps other or all robots) actually treat
>>> the Cabrillo data as
>>> variable length fields, delimited by a space, so I think it depends
>>> totally on your logging
>>> program's choice as to how many characters of what you entered for NAME
>> is
>>> output in the
>>> Cabrillo file.
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>>> In the recent NAQP contest, there was a station who used 'JESUISCHARLIE'
>>> for his name.  This name is too long to fit in the standard Cabrillo
>> field
>>> for operator name.  I submitted my log with what I copied for a name,
>> even
>>> though it makes the QSO line longer than permitted by Cabrillo format.
>> Any
>>> idea how the contest organizers will score this?  KL9A - Are you on the
>>> reflector?
>>> 73,
>>> Fred, NP2X
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