[CQ-Contest] The degradation of multi tasking in contesting

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Interesting article. I would venture to suggest that those who contest well
are those who can focus. When I say focus I don't just mean concentration. I
mean that mental state that some can achieve which has been passed down
since the days we hunted to survive. Those who can 'multi-task' (or think
they can multi-task) can do pretty well, but not as well in a straight
fight. The multi-taskers probably tire more quickly too, because their
brains are constantly shifting focus. Of course, those who can focus do well
in most things (physical and mental). I also don't think focus is something
which can be learnt - maybe it's inherited.

Just my two pence worth.


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There is a news article that proposes that multi-tasking is actually not as
productive as we wish and that lots of incoming information to our brains
can be mis-routed to the wrong processing locations in the brain and to
wrong memory locations, too.  The research found that being in a situation
where you are trying to concentrate on a task, and an email is sitting
unread in your inbox, can reduce your effective IQ by 10 points. 
It seems that this is the very same situation as doing one QSO while knowing
that another QSO is waiting on the other frequency in the case of One
Operator with Two Radios.  Maybe just a QSO just being possible works the
same as actually having one waiting.   Read the article and make your own
You can read the full article at
Meanwhile, remember the pleasure of being forced to think intensely about
only one thing... such as tightening the bolt while hanging high on a tower.
73, Charly
trying to bring non-electronic-technology discussions to ham radio, too.

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