[CQ-Contest] HV0A Activation - CQ WW 160 CW 2015

Ivo Pezer ivo.pezer at alice.it
Thu Jan 22 13:31:09 EST 2015

Dear Contesters, Top Banders


Dane, S53T has confirmed a couple of minutes earlier that an Inv V antenna
has been installed at the top of HV0A shack in Vatican. Unfortunately
Robert, S53R is on a business trip to West Africa but we are happy to
confirm that so the team of three, Francesco- IK0FVC, Dane, S53T and Ivo
9A3A/E73A shall activate HV0A during the contest. 


We pray that the noise level is reasonable so we can work as many DX as
possible, for EU we are quite confident signals will be OK. 


After the final antenna tuning tomorrow we might be QRV on HF in the
afternoon and evening hours before the contest.


73 CU



Ivo I7/9A3A, E73A, 4U20B

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