[CQ-Contest] How to change rules in a Contest - MAR

Eric Rosenberg ericrosenberg.dc at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 13:46:13 EST 2015

I've been following this thread with great interest. AS many of you 
know, I've been beating the "DC as a multiplier in state-based contests" 
drum for about 10 years. After bloodying my forehead too many times, I 
gave up, as the absurdity of the excuses offered by the contest managers 
was not worth the effort to try and refute

That notwithstanding, I can't resist making a few observations and 

To AC0W,  who said "A check of the NAQP rules has multipliers as 
provinces, states and NA countries outside of US and Canada."
 >> The District of Columbia is not one of them. DC counts as Maryland. 
As my cross the street into Maryland neighbor N3QE observed, that would 
be fine if logging programs, specifically N1MM Classic (I haven't 
checked N1MM+), would allow the user to type in DC (as per the rules, 
where W3DQ is located) and count it as Maryland for the sake of scoring. 
This would allow DC stations to comply fully with the rules and not 
pretend they are in MD just because the logger is stupid. At present, it 
does not. Talk about adding insult to injury!

To N8XX, who said, "I've been advised by my Dictator, errr, Director of 
the Grate Leaks, errr, Great Lakes Division that in order to make any 
even minor change in the rules of a contest, the Contest Advisory 
Committee (CAC) must be consulted first, then the Bored of Dictators, 
errr.... Board of Directors may or may not concur with the 
recommendation and may or may not make a change. And, the change may or 
may not be congruent with the advice give by the CAC."
 >> Sorry Hank, but the contests we are discussing are not governed by 
the ARRL.  They are governed by the sponsoring organizations.

To K0HB, who said " The history of having the Canadian sections be 
multipliers in ARRL contests has continued. Let's face it, everyone 
wants a lot of multipliers."
 >> If that's the case, why not add DC?

to K3ZJ, who successfully petitioned the ARRL to add DC as a multiplier 
for their DX contest (and then the RTTY Roundup and 10 meter contest), 
who said "Sections as multipliers in SS are consistent, but NAQP and 
Sprint multipliers are inconsistent, illogical, and appear based merely 
upon an individual's (or individuals') whims that lack geopolitical 
reality or knowledge with no understanding of incentives."
 >> That's been my point all along. Thanks, Dave for reiterating it.

...and thanks to KE3X, who, while disagreeing with me about adding DC as 
a multiplier in the NAQP contest (I believe it should be added), took 
the lead plate when it came to the new SSB Sprint.

Eric W3DQ
Proudly living in and operating from the District of Columbia, "The 
nation's capital"

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