[CQ-Contest] More on Mar vs NB NS and PE.

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Mon Jan 26 16:48:57 EST 2015

Hey Andy!

Glad to see you comment on CQ-Contest.

Andy and I are friends from way back, and co-ops on the VE1SPI and CY0SPI

If at all possible, let's make the Provinces the multiplers in as many
contests as possible.

Andy points out the low ham population -- this should be an INCENTIVE to
get on for a contest -- MAR is the exact opposite -- Why get on if some
other MAR is on.

There are a few big guns in the Maritimes.  If they get on, with the MAR
multiplier, it is a dis-incentive to the rest of the guys.

IF their is a possibility of changing MAR to the Provinces, I would
encourage contest organizers to do so!


Gerry W1VE, VE1RM, VY2CDX, VO1WIN  etc...

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 2:13 PM, <ve9dx at nb.sympatico.ca> wrote:

> As some of you are aware -
> Let me start by saying this all came to a head when I received an email
> from NW2K advising me of the up coming SSB Sprint.
> At that time I went to the announced Web Page and read the rules.  To my
> surprise Hawaii was added (not a big deal).  Actually I am for anything
> that builds interest.
> But when I went through the rules -  Rule 7 and 10 become questionable. In
> one breath I am seeing send Province and another say no no no.
> I personally had all intentions of getting on but when I went to announce
> my interest I could not enter NB -  At that time I lost interest FAST.
> At that time I fired off an email to those involved and quickly heard back
> from several.  A couple indicating action will be done but not in time for
> this one which I certainly understand.
> For the record I was a very active contester. Like many of you back in the
> 70's and 80's I had to be loud.  You know the 8877 the mono banders and all
> that good stuff.  No days - living on a small lot things have changed -
> most of the time no more  than 50 watts and a HFV9.
> Now days I make it a point to try and get on and provide a few points to
> you all.  Nothing more.
> Have to tell you - it's not fun trying to explain MAR thus I indicated I
> would  not be taking part. I do know of others considering the same.  So
> others are going to have to step up to the plate.  Personally I hope they
> do - Time will tell.
> This has been an ongoing discussion between others with myself for almost
> 50 years.
> I should point out that my issues were pointed out to those involved in
> the SSB Sprint hours before VE9AA stepped up.  Mike had no idea of my
> comments being sent to the group and actually I didn't know Mike's either.
> As for NW2K I was very pleased he tried to increase interest.  A real team
> asset. (Thanks of behalf of all for your support).
> Above all - Keep in mind this is only a hobby.
> Would like to point out - a couple points. Each of the Provinces involved
> - do have there own seperate Government - own Capital - own Flag.  Yes I
> give you - the ham population may not be high but I can't tell you how many
> times over the years I missed the likes of ME, RI, DE and yes even KS and
> NE.  Guess what I am saying is ham population should not be considered. Its
> up to all of us - like NW2K to talk up contests and if there are issues -
> speak to those involved to have those issues considered.
> And remember its only a hobby...!
> 73 Andy   VE9DX
> as well as having operated CY0SPI VE1SPI HP9FC ZD9BP and many others.
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