[CQ-Contest] Who is whining, and why?

Mike & Coreen Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Jan 27 17:30:06 EST 2015



Thanks for your thoughtful post.  I won't deny being semi-rare in the SS has
it's benefits, (our records show there are always ample MAR(VE1/9/VY2)
stations on for every SS) however this is not about SS at all. No way, no
shape, no form.


The contests this is about are:



and finally

The CaQP.


As you all may or may not know, in (all) the Sprints, you cannot park on a
frequency and call CQ. (well, for only one QSO I guess you can)..so being
"rare" or semi-rare has very little bearing on being a VE9...it's not zero,
but in reality it's practically moot.  I could care less if I was a VE9 or a
W9 as far as these 3 contests go.  People are bouncing around for the
jumpballs* (*what are they?  go to www.ssbsprint.com to find out )and there
is no packetcluster used so unless you have skill and speed and an agile
nature, then it wouldn't matter if you were a KP1.


In the CaQP I never call CQ.  I am 100% S&P hunting down W6's just like any
other QSO Party.  Being rare has absolutely ZERO significance.  


Just so we're very clear, NAQP is fine as far as MAR goes.(we send NB, NS &
PEI just like (most) any other contest.


The "groupings", once again, that these contests have put "us" in are
essentially MAR + VO1/VO2.  There are no SWEEPS in those 4 contests, so
nobody need feel bad if not one single Eastern Canadian station

got on.  Participants scores will all go up or down accordingly.


DC is a separate matter. I believe they have a very valid point.  I have
always felt a kindred spirit to these DC guys, being nearly in the same boat
in some contests.


Thanks Art, Eric, Andy & all that have supported our cause.


Again, ARRL/RAC are not being petitioned publicly to change anything about
SS, nor is there a problem with the NAQP..I don't know how many times I have
to say that?  Quite a few I guess. HI


If the DC guys wish to piggyback on these threads, maybe we should start
differentiating - your subject line is indicative of that and I agree that
they should make a separate case and folks should understand

the rules, the sections, and the pseudo-sections that every contest has
before commenting.  More than anything, the misinformation being propagated
is nearly as bad as the initial problem itself ! ..  ..

I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I cannot in good faith read
(some) posts with so many errors as to almost be comical.


Mike VE9AA "NB"


Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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