[CQ-Contest] SSB Sprint - Thank You !

Mike & Coreen Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Jan 28 21:30:23 EST 2015



What a great bunch of guys.  They deserve to have you to stop by & check out
what this whole bouncy "sprint business" is all about.


How is it different? Oh, you'll see ! Read the page...get on the air.  I
hope to see you there.

Latest SSB Sprint News!

DC and All 14 Canadian Provinces & Territories now Mults!

After we added KH6 as a multiplier, we heard from many contesters in the
District of Columbia as well as in Canada, suggesting that we make
additional changes to the multipliers.  And we LISTENED!

Effective immediately:

*	DC will be a separate multiplier and no longer included as part of
the Maryland multiplier.
*	Maritime (MAR) has been removed as a multiplier. In its place, we
have added Labrador (LB), New Brunswick (NB), Newfoundland (NF), Nova Scotia
(NS) and Prince Edward Island (PE).
*	North West Territories (NWT) has been removed as a multiplier. In
its place, we have added Northwest Territories (NT), Nunavut (NU) and Yukon

We are working with the various logging software authors to see if we can
get these changes implemented, but please do not worry about it.  Submit
your log normally, and we will fix your score, if your logging software does
not handle it.

N1MM+ has been updated and seems to work for me.

Even if your software doesn't recognize the new mults, they will deal with
the Cabrillo file.



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