[CQ-Contest] NAQP RTTY will be Saturday July 18, 2015

K6UFO Mark Aaker k6ufo at arrl.net
Mon Jul 6 14:59:03 EDT 2015

North American QSO Party on RTTY will be Saturday July 18, 2015 

Please join us in this friendly contest, with an exchange of a Name and 
State (or Province/Country). 12 Hrs of fun on 5 bands, and easy to jump in. 
"Move" someone to another band for more Points and Multipliers! 
You can find the Rules, Team Registration and more at the webpage of the 
National Contest Journal:  <http://ncjweb.com/> 

The NAQP contests are designed for participants to be either: 
1. Single-op, Non-Assisted, and Low power; or 
2. Multi-Operator Two-Transmitter, Assisted, and Low power. 
The Low power limit (100w) helps everyone "feel loud" and compete. 
Fun for everyone, with RTTY on July 18th, CW on August 1st, and 
SSB on August 15th. 

As usual in July, the DMC RTTY Contest will also be on the air, and the 
"mostly European" participants will be looking for a Signal Report and 
Serial Number (Ex: 599 001). Contacts with them will count for NAQP 
RTTY so long as you get their Name for your NAQP log. Win-Win! 

For RTTY practice, try: 
Thursday nights: NCCC Sprint RTTY on July 9th or 16th at 6:45PM PDT 
(UTC Time Friday, 0145Z) More info at NCCC Sprint: 
the preceding Friday night: NAQP RTTY Practice on Friday night 
July 17 at 7:00PM PDT (UTC Time Sat July 18, 0200Z - 0230Z) 
Use the bands that are open for you and your NAQP messages for 
the contest. No score reporting needed. 

See you in NAQP RTTY on Saturday July 18! 
Saturday July 18 from 1800 UTC to Sunday July 19 0600 UTC 
(That will be Saturday 11AM to 11PM Pacific Daylight Time.) 

Mark Aaker K6UFO 
NAQP RTTY Contest Manager 
k6ufo at arrl dot net

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